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Surrealist Week

"Posición política del surrealismo" by Rodolfo Usigli (unpublished), typed translation of André Breton, Position politique du Surréalisme.
Rare, "two ink," black and red print from a woodcut created by Diego Rivera (as correspondence shows, in collaboration with Rodolfo Usigli) in 1938. The woodcut (67 x 92.5 cm) is in the Dolores Olmedo Collection.
Dawn Ades states in "Rivera and Surrealism. 1938-40": "A woodcut by Diego Rivera for a poster intended to advertise one of André Breton's lectures in Mexico was entitled "Communicating Vessels." It represents in graphic and material detail precisely that image of the physical and the mental eye Breton was to use to describe Rivera's landscapes in "Souvenir du Mexique." Rivera shows two "eye vessels," one eye open, the other closed, linked by threads like arteries or roots. The whole drawing forms almost a double image, not just in the sense in which the veins are also the roots and trunk of a tree (with the brain its leafy top), but also in the way the head itself broadens out to form a wide face (not unlike Rivera's own). Frida Khalo was to pick up the theme of the communicating vessels and transform it into her own savage and decorative imagery. In The Two Fridas of 1939 the hearts of the double artist are connected by an exposed artery." (In Diego Rivera. Art and Revolution, Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes and Cleveland Museum of Art, 1999: 317-318.)

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